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SP Hunters unite against gender-based violence‏

The Leniata Legacy, continued its campaign to stamp out gender based violence in PNG with it first ever Fundraiser BBQ at the Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane, Queensland on Saturday.  And some rugby league heroes were there to show their support of the emerging public awareness campaign.

Special guests of The LeniataLegacy were the SP Hunters  Intrust Super Cup rugby league team who came along to support the fundraiser and stand in solidarity with the Leniata Legacy on such a widespread issue.

Legacy founder Philma Kelegaithanked the players and their management for making the time out of their busy Intrust Super Cup schedules to sign autographs and mix with Brisbane's PNG community.

 “This country needs heroes and all our young men and young women are looking at you, you are the heartbeat of this nation now. You making a public stand today here with us is a commitment to justice and equality and we thank you,” Miss Kelegai said in a stirring address to the SP Hunters.

She went on to explain that the fundraiser was to raise much-needed funds for the various initiatives that the Leniata Legacy runs. 

Israel Eliab, PNG Hunters Captain thanked the Leniata legacy for allowing them to be a part of this great campaign.

The Leniata Legacy is runningseveral initiatives, all with the aim of fulfilling its four objectives - awareness, advocacy, education and economic empowerment.

Current initiatives include QPNG Community Support, a free Queensland based referral and information service that serves to empower the PNG community in Queensland. They are currently offering counselling referrals, legal aid referrals, housing and settlementservices, employment training and referral services.

The aim of these initiatives is to empower the community, because “it is only when you are empowered that you are able to empower others” Miss Kelegai explained.

Leniata Legacy are also running the PNG Pride Awards- Australia, which seeks to recognise and celebrate Australian based Papua New Guinean achievers. “We believe in our people, it is our people who will drive change, so we must empower them” said Cassaunrda Rangip, the Leniata Legacy secretary.

The Leniata Legacy  will also stage  the “HAUS KRAI 2014” -  a protest march through the Brisbane city that will be held on Sunday 18th May.

If you would like more information or would like to join the Leniata Legacy in one of their initiatives please email them at [email protected] and join them on Facebook at

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