Oro Governor Garry Juffa on Thursday (10/04/14) expressed the Oro people’s gratitude towards the O’Neill-led Government for improved services, never seen before.

He openly thanked and welcomed Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill and various Cabinet Ministers who travelled to Oro Province to officially launch the K10 million Oro Bay Port Rehabilitation Project.

More than thousands of people both from the Ijivitari and Sohe Districts turned up to welcome and thank the Prime Minister and his Government for the tremendous efforts in providing improved government services like free education and health, unlike in the past 40 years.

During his welcome speech, Governor Juffa formally thanked the Prime Minister for his government’s consideration in fully assisting Oro Province by building its four main bridges, which have finally enabled his people to access much needed government services.

“Indeed, the ultimate objective of any government is to save lives and this you have most certainly done here,” he said.

He said this efforts have certainly helped the people of Oro and we are most grateful.

Governor Juffa also thanked the Prime Minister for acknowledging his request and ensuring that Oro would be one of the first provinces to be considered for an airport upgrade project worth K35 million, which will commence this September.

“My people are also candidly thankful to you for bringing this project of the port rehabilitation. We are indeed humbled,” Mr Juffa said.

In support of the Governor, the Ijivitari MP and Former Minister for Higher Education, David Arore, thanked and welcomed the Prime Minister and further assured him that all the provincial MPs were already working closely with the government for their people’s benefit.

“We, the MP’s of Oro Province, are serious in serving our people and refrain from playing ‘petty politics’. 

“Our main focus now is to fully serve our people’s agendas, which supersedes any other agenda of this country,” Arore said.

Also present at the launching was the Sohe MP and Minister for Higher Education, Delilah Gore, State Enterprise Minister Ben Micah, Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa and the Transport Minister, Ano Pala.
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