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Delaila Gore Minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology
The newly appointed Minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology Delaila Gore said she is humble with her new ministry.

Delaila Gore had thank the O'Neill Dion government for having confidence in another women MP by giving this very important ministry to her, adding, her appointment also lifts the profile of P-N-G women.

''Its a challenge for me as a women and its really an honour to have such a big portfolio but a I have a great challenge to make this ministry become workable and receive result for the government. And also am humble with what has been offered to me and I look forward to work and the challenges to serve the people of Papua New Guines thorough this ministry as much as I can.'' 

Lae M-P, Loujaya Kouza is the other woman Minister, responsible for Community Development.

Minister For Higher Education Research Science & Technology, Delailai Gore

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