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Villagers demand K70,000 Compensation

Noupan villagers in the Peit Constituency of North Bougainville, are demanding 70-thousand Kina compensation, for the death of a youth in their area, last year.

They are asking the Sing villagers of Hagogohe Constituency to pay this money.

The young man was killed during a drinking spree which turned sour, by a youth from Sing village, on December 20, last year.

In retaliation, the dead man's relatives mobilized and burnt down 13 houses belonging to Sing villagers - the incident causing friction between both groups, but quick intervention by police and community leaders from the two areas, prevented further trouble.

So far, ABG leaders of both constituencies and the chiefs have held three consecutive meetings to find ways of solving the problem.

In the meeting, the people of Noupan demanded K20,000 "belkol" money and K50,000 compensation.

After much deliberation a compromise on the compensation package was reached, and the people of Sing village have been given 2-months to pay up the "belkol" money.

Sing villagers also reminded the people of Noupan for destruction to their houses and other properties, and urged them to take full responsibility for their actions.

The people of Sing village claim that more than K150,000 worth of valuables and properties were destroyed.

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