Rambo captured in Southern Highlands

Police in Southern Highlands have recaptured a notorious criminal who escaped from the Bui-Iebi Jail in 2011.

Paul Kumei Rambo, was recaptured last Friday, from a container where he was living in, after a tip-off.

Southern Highlands Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Sibon Papoto, says Rambo was notorious for various offences, which included, rape and the armed robbery of a Mendi Police Station vehicle, with three officers inside, in June 2009.

Papoto said Rambo was remanded in custody at Bui-iebi jail when he and three others masterminded the jail breakout involving 151 prisoners in May 2011.

They also took with them firearms, and live ammunitions belonging to the jail during the breakout.

Provincial police commander said Rambo's accomplice Johh Pais Kavage of Sepik, Simbu and Mendi parentage serving 17 years for armed robbery was also arrested by police during the pre-christmas and new year operations in Mendi.

He explained the escape was aided by 7 people in Mendi town and he was on the run from the law until after the tipoff last Friday to police informant.

Both Rambo and Kavage are currently detained at Mendi police cell awaiting formal charges from escaping lawful custody.

Meanwhile, NBC is unable to contact Bui-iebi jail on the recent breakout during the festive period by 42 prisoners and remandees, half of them were recaptured.

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