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World Economic leaders praise PNG’s budget

PAPUA New Guinea’s 2014 budget, handed down this week, was the centre of talks in a world-renowned economic meeting held in Vanuatu this week.
World and Pacific economic leaders who met in Vanuatu praised PNG’s Budget, specifically for its priorities in health, education and infrastructure development.
Treasurer Don Polye this week wasted no time in discharging his duties as the chairman for World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund board of governors after handing down a record 2014 Budget for the country. 
He left the country late yesterday to attend his first Pacific Economic Ministers’ International Monetary Fund meeting in Port Villa, Vanuatu.
The leader of the second largest coalition party in the government, Triumph Heritage Empowerment, is confident of overwhelmingly getting the budget passed in Parliament next week when he returns.
“PNG’s attendance in this conference will complement well with the O’Neill-Dion Government which is keen on making PNG the leader and big brother amongst Pacific Island nations, and an emerging economy in the Asia-Pacific region,” Mr Polye said.
Accompanied by his Vice Minister and Sohe MP Delilah Gore and two of his staff, he deliberately reduced the size of the delegation to cut down on costs of overseas duty travels.
Mr Polye will be a part of the panel to present PNG’s position in the Pacific in policy development in terms of socio-economic development in the region, Global Risk Mitigation centre, climate impact security facility and Global Infrastructure Fund to his colleague ministers, senior finance and IMF officials.
Mr Polye will also seek to encourage business and trade partnerships within the Island region where Pacific business and financial sector grows and strengthens to found a resilient economic prosperity for the Pacific. The meeting is centered on policies to help lift the growth potential for the Pacific Island nations. 
“It presents a unique opportunity for us to share our experiences and best practices on policies and to learn from each other how best to unlock the potential of growth in the region,” he said. Mr Polye was sworn in for the post during WB/IMF annual meeting last month in Washington D.C, US.
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