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Preparations for the APEC meeting have started and NEC has approved 50 million kina to build a 2km ring road around Paga Hill in Port Moresby.

The contract was signed yesterday between NCDC and Curtain Brothers for works to begin immediately.
“This road is vital and critical to the successful hosting of the very important regional international event, and NCDC is gearing up to make that happen,” said Parkop.

Governor Parkop says he is ready to deliver a city fit to host APEC, and the 2015 Pacific games will be a dress rehearsal for 2018.

The ring road will be four lanes and the existing road from Ela Beach Roundabout to town will also be converted to four lanes.

Consequently, there’ll be variations done to Ela Beach to cater for the four lane road.

Governor Parkop however has sent out a warning to the title holder of the Paga Hill land to develop it quickly or a submission will be made for the title to be forfeited back to state.

“The time is ticking…we’re going to build the road so they better shape up or ship out,” Parkop said.

Funding for this road has been approved by NEC and will come from the National Gaming Control Board.

National Events Minister Justin Tkatchenko says this is also part of developing Port Moresby and they will work to prove their critics wrong.

“I’ve heard some Australian media said ‘they’ve given the worse city in the world to host 2018 APEC Conference. Despite that comment, we’ll make sure we’re the best where everybody will come and prove you wrong,” said Tkatchenko.

Both Parkop and Tkatchenko are happy with the look of the city since the buai ban and asked residents to maintain this attitude and look after the city both for the 2015 Pacific games and the APEC meeting.


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