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Reports of a pending vote of no confidence in the Government has come to light, despite moves to restore stability, even to the point of passing legislation's.

Speculations along the corridors of Waigani are that a number of M-P's will attempt to block the Budget next month, in an effort to remove the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister O'Neil sponsored the Constitutional Amendments in Parliament, in relation to the motion for a vote of no confidence, and the calling of, and sitting day requirements of Parliament.

Both bills had overwhelming support of the House, when they went through the final reading and vote in late September this year.

The minimum sitting days requirement was decreased from 63 to 40 days, while the grace period was increased from 18 to 30 months.

And for a motion of no confidence in the past, a one-week notice was required, with signatures of 10 MP's. 

This regulation has been changed.

A notice for a motion for a vote of no confidence, must be registered for at least one month, to be signed by 22 MP's, and that notice must be published, with reasons for that motion.

That is the law now, since September 20th this year.

With that law in place for at least a month, there are already speculations of plans to destabilize the government.

And the Opposition Leader Belden Namah, although without numbers, is said to be behind this.

And lately, there are reports that coalition parties in the government have met to set out their strategies to remove the Prime Minister, many not happy with the way Peter O'Neil is dealing with issues.

The main issue is management of the Government purse.

Even some government backbenchers have complained that they have not been getting what they have been promised.

The Prime Minister's office said, Peter O'Neil is well aware of the movements, and is being kept informed of these developments.

Insiders say its the work of the same people who used Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, when he was then Prime Minister, and now they are lurring him again for their own benefit, and not that of the people and the country.

Most likely the Prime Minister's faith will be tested through the budget.

The parties trying to remove Mr. O'Neil, will attempt to block the budget.

Mr. O'Neil has indicated earlier, that if such a thing occurs, that will show that Parliament has no confidence in him, he will resign.

That's the likely scenario, than breaching the Constitution which Parliament recently amended.

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