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The Supreme Court has thrown out an appeal by prominent lawyer, Paul Paraka, to stay a lower court decision preventing his arrest.

Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia, made the ruling this afternoon, after hearing the case yesterday.

Mr Paraka was seeking an interim-injunction to stop police investigators to arrest and charge him in relation to millions of kina paid by the State to his law firm. 

Sir Salamo says, the stay application has not questioned the National Court ruling but raises the same arguments presented, resulting in its ruling last Monday. 

He says he agrees with Justice Ere Kariko's decision, in that the case although arguable has not raise any serious issues. 

Therefore, Sir Salamo says he's not persuaded to grant the interim relief due to its nature and whether there were errors by the trial judge.

The ruling now paves way for police to arrest and charge Mr Paraka, without any court interference.

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