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East Sepik's resident Judge, Iova Geita, is still operating out of the provincial capital, Wewak, because he does not have a house there.

And, his movement in and out of the province, is becoming a worry for the public there.

One such person is Mathew Winduo, who is urging the Provincial Government and Administration to immediately find a house for the judge, as further delays could result in a back log of outstanding court cases.

Mr. Winduo says it doesn't look good that the province has a resident judge, who because of no accommodation in the province, has to fly in and out to bring much needed court services to the province. 

He claims the province has a lot of backlog cases and the absence of a resident judge can further delay the court hearings. 

During the opening of the National Court sitting in Maprik early this year, resident judge, Iova Geita said he really wanted to live with the people and carry out his duties, but housing was a main concern.

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