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Namah lacks Vision : O'neill

PNG PM Peter O'neill 
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has hit back at the Opposition, saying its leader Belden Namah lacked vision for Papua New Guinea and does not deserve to be taken seriously by the people.
Mr O’Neill said the Opposition leader’s criticism of his recent trip to Israel is nothing more than hot air because he has nothing else to offer. 
“PNG needs to be actively involved in establishing relationships with other nations so that their citizens and business people can confidently make investments in our country,” the Prime Minister said.
“We also need to strengthen this relationship because of our country and our peoples’ strong religious commitment to Israel and its Biblical sites.
“Unlike Mr Namah, who takes off for months without a proper explanation, I take my job seriously. It took us a total of four days to travel and three working days in Israel, that is hardly a holiday.”
Mr O’Neill said that the trip was at the invitation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
“As a result, PNG has an excellent chance of strengthening our defence and security capabilities.” 
He said PNG also had a lot to learn from their vast experience in areas such as agriculture where they are able to yield better produce from challenging environments, including unsuitable land.
“In terms of surveillance, PNG can use Israeli technology to protect our vast natural resources like fisheries where illegal fishing is depriving us from receiving adequate revenue,” Mr O’Neill said.
The Prime Minister said that the Opposition Leader should focus on developing alternative policies rather than being consistently negative, which is aimed at giving our country a bad image.
“The only vision Mr Namah seems to have is to get into power at any cost,” said Mr O’Neill.

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