October 30, 2013

Is the Print Media controlled by those who PAY?

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By Gary Juffa 
The two dailies are owned by foreign interest, foreign corporate interest to be specific. RH owns Pacific Star, known commonly as "The National" and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp owns Post Courier. Murdoch, a long running political manipulator of global proportions has made a business out of manipulating news for his own interests and that of the entities that subscribe to his concerns. 

information is power. A cliche but worth considering here. With power comes great responsibility. But the responsibility of managing such power is not vested in the people. They are mere onlookers, the masses that must be kept mesmerized by the daily struggle, the informal sector and the propaganda that is developed and promoted to market perceptions that all is well and no one should be concerned and everyone should be excited by SMEs and potential economic boom and the growing economy and free education and free health and major impact projects and the future resource development projects and so forth. 

Cleverly orchestrated theatrics. Who is the conductor? Datuk Tan Sri King and Murdoch? But who gives them the platform? Or sponsors them? Their governments, ours, others? Are they then therefore mercenaries waging an economic war for the gain of those who align themselves in various cartels that are happily carving out this nation and others they already have a foot on for their further enrichment at the expense of the ignorant masses commonly referred to as "the people"?

Papua New Guinea does not own a daily, one that is at least controlled by a Papua New Guinean, one that reports issues of interest to Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guineans. What is reported instead is merely what sells, what suits the interests of those who control these entities and that which does not in anyway conflict with the interests of the stakeholders that influence the output of these entities. 

Certainly the journalists are Papua New Guineans, but they are subject to the parameters defined by the powers that be that maintain control over what is allowed to run for print and public consumption. Many credible journalists leave after frustrating efforts to be true to their vocation. This is of no concern to the papers as there are many more where they came from. 

I am beginning to conclude this because several examples of news of much significance to Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guineans are simply not being reported. Instead what we see is political drivel that is paid for about how well the economy is doing and the great things some political leaders are doing to advance this nation and the many corporate propaganda that is paid for perception development of consumers and political satisfaction. Reality is far from the so called economic boom in PNG. Decaying infrastructure in all stations and districts, rising levels of horrific and violent crimes, rampant corruption and rising cost of living are the every day realities for the average Papua New Guinean. Social indicators are at their worst and life is simply daily bitter debt-ridden struggle where bitterness abounds and the exploding population of Papua New Guinea constantly competes for increasingly fewer opportunities.This is not "our" economic boom just as this is not "our" economy anymore then we own Mars. 

The false perception that this economy recently ranked 6th fastest growing economy in the world, is benefitting Papua New Guinea is covertly being promoted by the print media who have become mere tools of foreign corporate (and sometimes foreign government) interest. 

Rape, murder, robbery, economic boom, ground breaking ceremonies, rape, murder, robbery, economic boom, ground breaking ceremonies everywhere, flower covered leaders waving at crowds whilst making grandiose speeches about how well this nation is doing…this is NOT just news…this is distraction…

What needs to be reported is not these fast food crime news items that shocks and alarms people momentarily but in depth news items on issues that Papua New Guineans need to know about, issues that have the potential to have significant bearing on the future of Papua New Guineans. Issues such as the outflow of substantial capital because of our weak banking laws, the rampant corruption and how it is affecting development, the foreign owned cartels that control the various sectors such as communication, transport and commerce and how these powerful cartels are manipulating Government systems and even the Government and its politicians whether or not covertly or overtly, directly or indirectly, with or without their knowledge for their own gains and benefits, what sinister trade agreements can do to the economy and its people and the numerous threats to national security whereby the security forces of this nation have been seriously compromised and are now being controlled by foreign governments, where all sectors such as health, education, law and order, agriculture and commerce are increasingly controlled by foreign corporate and foreign government interest and manipulated to suit purposes of profit and ignore humanity and social responsibility. 

Such issues which are nothing short of a slow rape of a nation and its peoples’ mindset, a re-colonization effort of sorts that threatens the very future of the people of Papua New Guinea should be reported but is instead shelved and even suppressed….the masses remain ignorant and apparently blissfully so, remaining poor, struggling and dying earlier from all manner of recently emerging lifestyle diseases and increased stress levels.

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