Betel nut ban penalties

Business houses in the nation's capital, that allow vendors to sell betel nut within their premises, will be fined.

This is under the proposed penalties that the National Capital District Commission is currently conducting awareness on, as part of its betel nut ban, which came into effect, yesterday.

These penalties will be enforced at the end of this month.

N-C-D Governor, Powes Parkop outlines the proposed fines for offenders.

"The PMV's coming in, if they pass Laloki Bridge, with more than 2kg of betel-nut, they will be fined K1000.

"Individuals bringing it in, they will be fined K300.

"People who chew and spit in public places, will be fined K300.

"If they cannot pay, the penalty also includes two hours of community service.

"Airlines and shipping companies ferrying betel-nut into the city without a permit will be fined K10,000.

"Dingies will be fined K1000," Governor Parkop said.

N-C-D City Rangers and Police were at the Laloki River Bridge along Hiritano Highway yesterday, to conduct the awareness on the betel nut ban penalties.
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