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Two chinese arrested for buying stolen goods. EMTV Photo
Two Chinese nationals, who work for a group of trade stores in Lae recently raided by the Immigration taskforce, have been arrested for buying a stolen forklift.

The two men, known by their English names: Ken and Charlie were found with the stolen vehicle in the backyard of their Lae shop.
Acting on a tip off from the public, police obtained a warrant and searched the property yesterday.

The trade store is one in a group of businesses that operate as Salu Trading.

The forklift is owned by Lae City Hydraulics, a locally owned company.

“It went missing last month, and through quick response from police, they have managed to track it down quickly,” said Jim Rogers, Lae City Hydraulics. 

The details’ surrounding the sale and purchase of the forklift is unclear. The two men had the number plates and registration changed.

“They changed the original number plate and falsified the documents at traffic registry and got a new plate number,” said Lae Police Det. Sgt Andrew Kwalam.

One of the men is the manager of the Salu Trading, a company that was raided by the Immigration Tasked Force early this year for allegedly trafficking illegal aliens.

During the arrest, it was found that both men had no legitimate passports on hand. They were formally charged at the 3-mile police station outside of Lae for receiving stolen property.


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