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PNG's Lae city racks down on prostitutes, brothels

LAE city council police have begun an exercise to rid the industrial city of one of its sleazier commercial activities –prostitution.
Yesterday the council police busted a joint operating as a brothel in a backstreet known as Kings Cross in one of the city’s busiest commercial zones.
Though the raid didn’t net anyone in residence, onlookers at the scene on Laurabada Avenue at Lae’s busy Snack Bar industrial and commercial zone confirmed suspicions that it was a prostitution den.
They claimed the place, which is a slipshod shed attached to a discarded container, hosted late night drinking binges and paid sex with female prostitutes, earning the nickname Kings Cross.
One young male onlooker who said his name was Julius admitted pimping for the prostitutes who ply their 
trade there and admitted sleeping there at the  ‘brothel’ himself on many occasions.
“Taim late na hat lo mi go em mi save go insait na silip (When its late and I can’t go home, I spend the night here),” Julius said in Tok Pisin.   
He lives at 11-Mile outside Lae, but spends his time at Laurabada Avenue providing security to the prostitutes. 
“A lot of their male customers come drunk and the prostitutes need us to protect them. When they are done with their customers, they come and give us K1 or K2,” he said.
Jojo Puloh, a resident of Salamander Street on the other side of Snack Bar, also confirmed the shady activities happening on Laurabada Avenue.
Puloh claimed residents in the area knew about what was going on there but had been ignoring it until the police raid and destruction yesterday.
Lae city council police boss Simon Yipam claimed many other such illicit establishments existed in other locations in the city.
“Prostitution is a serious issue in this city and we urge all stakeholders, including the community at large to report any such activities and places to us so we can move in and stop the practice.”
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