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PNG NCD governor considers Betelnut bug last options

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THE Governor for National Capital District, Powes Parkop has decided that the threat to unleash a beetle that destroys betel nut trees will be his last resort if people do not comply with the ban.
Following a report on Wednesday’s Post Courier, the Governor said the threat to unleash a beetle that destroys betel nut trees will not be made because it is an extreme measure.
“The beetle will be my last resort if people in NCD do not comply with the buai ban that will come into effect in October. 
“Some local scientists have identified the beetle and proposed it to me, it is really tempting but I have not decided yet, but it will be my last option,” he added.
Hefty fines will be imposed on Public Motor Vehicle, Airlines Companies, Shipping Services and others caught transporting betel nut into Port Moresby as of October.
The Governor stated these at the announcement of his plan to impose total ban on the sale of betel nut in the city which will come into effect in October.
Governor Parkop said he is determined and ready to enforce the ban with NCDC Police Units officers who will be working in partnership with NCD and Central Police.
“Enough is enough; betel nut contributes nothing to our body and has no nutritious value in it but destroys our environment with betel nut husks and spittle, and contributes to Tuberculosis and Cancer.
“Port Moresby contains the highest number of Tuberculosis, it gives you nothing but you’re destroying your own health and putting your money into someone else’s pocket,” he added.
Governor Parkop said there will be checks carried out in all check points en-route to the city and in all terminals and wharfs.
“The city should be the pride of the nation but it is not leading by example, as long as I am the Governor, this betelnut ban will continue,” he added.
The Governor said the betel nut ban has come about because people in the city are irresponsible of their own act when chewing it.
“Some people argue that it is a tradition but it is no longer a tradition, it has become commercial and people are chewing it 24 hours a day.
“All businesses have laws and fees but betelnut vendors don’t pay any form of fee and their wastes are immense compared to others and NCD spends so much money to clean that up,” he added.
Mr Parkop has asked Central Governor Kila Haoda to cooperate with him in his effort to ban betelnut and is waiting for a feedback to build designated markets along Hiritano and Magi Highways.
Parkop urged city residents and betelnut vendors to comply and if they do not agree they can migrate back to other provinces that enjoy the sale of betel nut.

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