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Parkop faces strong opposition from betel nut vendors

With just a day to go before a betel nut ban in the nation's capital takes effect, Governor Powes Parkop, is still facing strong opposition from vendors.

They met again at the Unagi oval in Gordons suburb yesterday, to re-enforce their call to the Governor, to reconsider his proposed ban.

Last Wednesday, their lawyers presented a petition to Mr. Parkop, giving him a week to respond to their concerns, but claim, nothing has happened since.

Amidst this, Gulf Governor, Havila Kavo, is seeking support from his Central and N-C-D colleagues, for the establishment of a betel nut buying depot.

Kavo says, this depot will regulate the sale and consumption of betel nut in the nation's capital, by saving costs, reducing risks and ensuring it's control in a specific environment.

He adds, tax collected from the depot, would help develop Gulf and Central provinces.

Kavo says, his Administration is willing to commit 500-thousand Kina for the proposed depot.

The Gulf Governor states, the only way to control betel nut in Port Moresby, is to bring the industry back to both provinces, for people to control it themselves.

N-C-D Governor meantime, has explained, that stringent measures will be introduced to regulate the betel nut industry in the nation's capital, while its sale and consumption continues.

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