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Nautilus warns on impostors

NAUTILUS Minerals has warned people to be wary of persons going to villages claiming to represent the company and issuing statements.
Nautilus Minerals country manager Mel Togolo issued the warning while denying claims posted on social media that said the company was trying to evict New Ireland villagers from their homes.
According to the Radio Australia Pacific Beat programme, locals from Danu village said they were approached at night by a Nautilus representative and forced to sign papers agreeing to relocation.
Togolo said the eviction claims for west coast New Irelanders to make way for onshore facilities were completely false.
“One of the main advantages of a sea-based project compared with many land-based projects is that no people need to be moved and there will be no tailings,” Togolo said in a statement.
He also denied the company had any links with Benson Tomarum.
“Benson Tomarum does not work for Nautilus Minerals nor is he affiliated with the company in any form,” Togolo said. 
“The communities of New Ireland should be aware that the statements attributed to Tomarum in the social media are not authorised by the company and are untrue and unfounded.
“We urge our community members, and the social media to act appropriately and responsibly.
“Untrue statements and releases are irresponsible and cause undue stress for all concerned.”
The Danu villagers had voiced their fears in a video posted online, where they outlined their concerns of losing access to their fishing grounds and fresh water as well as schools and health services.
Several men detailed how they were approached and forced to sign documents.

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