September 2, 2013

Mother and sons murdered and burnt in PNG

A family of three were murdered and their bodies thrown into a house and burnt early yesterday morning in Minj, Jiwaka Province. 
The mother, her elder son, and the other a grade five student, were killed by relatives of a man who was killed earlier on Sunday afternoon by the elder son. 
The man was an employee of the Porgera Mine and was on a field break. 
The man identified as Poi Holi was drunk and chased the elder son to settle an old score over a past incident in which his uncle from the Kondika tribe was killed some 10 years ago by the elder son. 
Aware that Holi was drunk and from past experiences in which he was threatened, the elder son pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the abdomen killing him. 
Both men were from the same Konumbka clan. 
The victim’s relatives retaliated and attacked the elder son's family, killing his mother, younger brother and himself. Several others including the father had their legs and arms chopped off on Sunday night and are being treated at the Kundiawa General Hospital. 
The relatives raided the home again early yesterday morning and threw the bodies of the two brothers into their house and set it alight. 
The Konumbka tribe paid K50,000 to the Kondika tribe 10 years ago over the killing of Holi’s uncle allegedly by the elder son. 
On Sunday, the same man killed Holi, creating anger among the Kambkanam clan of the Kondika tribe. 
A source from the Konumbka tribe who requested anonymity said they wanted to weed out the whole family and remove them from Minj. 
Jiwaka police have moved into Molka area where the incident occurred to monitor the situation as the tension is still high.

Post Courier/One PNG News

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