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Kondra thankful for govt takeover

NORTH Fly MP Boka Kondra thanked parliamentarians for wiping away the tears and bearing the burden of the people of Western by passing a bill to protect their interest.
Kondra, an Ok Tedi mine landowner, said the people had suffered because of the arrogance of BHP by dumping waste into the Fly River which had been a concern for a long time.
“I speak on behalf of the people of Western and the provincial government and say thank you to government for wiping away the tears of our people,” he said. 
“The lady that we got married to (referring to BHP) although exited 10 years ago was still in control and was not good. 
“The time has come for her to go.”
Kondra said since 1979, no development had taken place.
“We have been crucified for the benefit of economical benefit by creating indemnity.”
He said many people had died while others were affected by the pollution.
“Some students sent to New Zealand went through some tests which found that their blood contained metals.”
Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama said the people had suffered enough with many experiencing the effect of the pollution of their river system.
Others who took part in the debate and supported the bill were Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather, Middle Ramu MP Tommy Tomscoll and Environment and Conservation Minister John Pundari.

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