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A member of the Commission of Inquiry into the Special Business Leases S-A-B-L, is calling on the Prime Minister not to table any purported report of findings by two of his fellow commissioners until the November sitting of Parliament, when a complete and single report would be made available.

Commissioner Alois Jerewai, whose also principal of Jerewai Lawyers, made this call today, warning of legal actions if his call is not heard.

Among reasons raised by Mr. Jerewai for withholding the report, is that the report is incomplete because it is two separate reports, and not one report, as initially directed by Mr. O'Neil in October last year. 

He also says despite the term of the inquiry already lapsed, the issue is too important for the people of PNG to be passed up this way. 

"If the Prime Minster fails to heed my calls, I intend to file proceedings by way of a court action in the National Court through a prerogative writ they call the "Writ of Mandamus".

"That is a writ if ordered in my favour, would be issued to direct, first of all, that we three Commissioners must finalize a single final report of the Inquiry, and that is what I will be seeking, among the orders.

"Secondly, that we must present that final report to the Prime Minister two weeks before the November sittings of the Parliment.

"Three, that Prime Minister and members of the Executive Government, do not comment on the contents of the report, until after being tabled.

"Four, that Prime Minister and the National Executive do not table the purported report, that comprises of scatterings and incohesive presentation only of the other two Commissioner's findings," Mr. Jerewai said.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neil is expected to table two separate reports by Chief Commissioner John Numapo and Commissioner Nicholas Mirou tomorrow, when Parliament resumes.

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