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Black Cat Track attack suspect's wife arrested

Track brutal attacked victims brought into Lae. EMTV Photo
Wau Police in the remote township of Morobe Province had apprehended the wife of the prime suspect involved in the Black Cat Track Brutal attack.
She was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon and questioned over her husbands involvement in the attack.

The wife confessed to her husband’s involvement in the brutal attack on the 18 porters and 8 foreign tourists along the Black Cat Track between Salamaua and Wau at around 4pm on Tuesday.

The police are looking for the suspect and five others who are escapes of the Wau police cell. Their identities are known. The police know where they live and the Wau rural police said arrests will be made soon.

“We know them. There are six of them. The prinicipal suspect is an escapee from the Wau police cell,” the Station Commander, Sergeant Kawa said.

The Wau police said the gang comprises of relatives who have been infamous in the Wau area for brutally attacking people.

Some of the blame has been leveled against trekking companies.  The Wau police station commander, Sergeant Kawa, said foreign tourists travelling along the black cat track do so without the knowledge of police or district authorities.

And the brutal attack on Tuesday was an unfortunate one for the trekkers, he said.

“The police are here to serve the community. No one (Trekking
organizers) had come to seek our support. My men were nortified about the attack two hours later,” Sgt. Kawa said.

The police also said they need manpower and logistical support to track down the suspects.

The brutal killing of the two porters and the injuring of the other 16 including 8 foreign tourists have attracted parliament attention on Wednesday.

The police have also issued strong warning to the members of the public in Wau-Bulolo to take precautions, as the suspects are armed and dangerous.

If caught, the criminals may face the death penalty.


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