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This largest man made island in the world is being built from Oil money, which we too have in Kutubu and has been exporting it for the last 20 years. But why we haven't built anything like this to show off the world and to the future generations?

The photo is Palm Deira, the largest of the three Dubai Palm Islands. It consists of a trunk and a crown with 41 fronds. It will be over 12 kilometers into the sea and have a width of 7.5 kilometers.

The construction began on October 2004 and is expected to complete in 2015. Over 1 million people will be able to live on Palm Deira alone.

We have some of the world class mining projects which generates billions in revenue each year such as Lihir, Ok Tedi, Porgera, Panguna, etc. Also, why we haven't built anything great for national pride to show off to the world and the future generations what we are capable of doing? 

The very simple answer why we haven't achieved anything great and of national pride is the leadership. We have a leadership problem in this country. Our leaders always put their own interest before national pride. We have leaders who don't have the vision to put PNG on the world map in terms of development by competing against Australia, New New Zealand, and other Asia Pacific countries. 

Our leaders are exploiting the ignorance of the educated population. Sadly, the bulk of the population are illiterate, poor and rural substance farmers who don't have any idea who much wealth this country has. 

For me, I don't recognize the leaders in this country and their sirs and grand chief titles. The only time I will recognize is when they but something none has ever built to put PNG on the world map. I don't like leaders preach about our natural resources and projects which means nothing to the suffering poor rural people. 

Papua New Guineans, you must redefine you understanding of leadership in this country. If you don't this country is as good as nothing. Everything will be gone. Few people will be filthy rich. All of us will be poor and beggars in our own country. Before that happens, we have to understand the leadership that has been running this country from the last 38 years.

By: Lucas Kiap

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