The Member for Kompiam-Ambum and Environment Minister, John Pundari, has announced his intention to sue the Post Courier over, what he called, defamatory statements made against him.

The article level several allegations against the Environment Minister. It quotes local leaders saying that John Pundari diverted five-million kina for a bridge to a company he owns.
It also states he neglected the neglected the people of Kompiam for fifteen years.

Speaking to EMTV yesterday, Mr Pundari denied those allegations.

“I take offence of that and have been embarrassed,” Pundari said.

Mr Pundari has also announced his intentions to take the matter to court. On Friday he issued a notice to the Post Courier through his lawyers demanding that the paper retract the statement.

John Pundari
“I’ve asked Post Courier to apologize…whatever their response is, we will use that as evidence in a court of law,” he said.

The Post Courier’s Editor said yesterday afternoon that he couldn’t comment on the matter, but he said the papers lawyers are going through the documents passed on by Mr. Pundari’s lawyers.

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