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Be a man or woman of rock of change and determination

By Christopher Papiali 
The power to move within is a drive that takes one to risk oneself but is also a call that one can appreciate for the greater good of all. Every human being live for comfort and peace and the world is there for all of us to attain that but then the decision makers sometimes follow what they think is right for all when instead what is right for them is opposite to all people. Our existence on the planet brings purpose and our dreams and beliefs are not the same as others’ because we fail to share and discuss at the communal level instead go on following our own self-belief which is sometimes viewed as false hope and belief. How can you attain your perfection and purpose by yourself without relation to people around you? The real purpose of your existence is defined through interaction with humanity and environment around you.
When Papua New Guinea, nation that is endowed with natural resources it is the duty of all high level decision makers to see the needs and aspirations of the citizens that dwell on this land and as much as possible listen to the cries, the unheard voices, sometimes very silent that call in the wilderness. Because some are very simple, downtrodden and hopeless they feel they are not part of the growing society that is moving towards development.
Papua New Guinea does not exist for one group of people, for one section of the society but for all people from all four corners of the country. The people need to air their concerns through proper channels and such collective voices are very paramount to achieve the desired objectives. 
Christopher Papiali
For these objectives to become reality, we need to comprehend the conflicting forces at play as these forces can be identified as foreign businesses and people who feel they are far superior with their money, knowledge and wide international network, even having connections to the international financial institutions and Prime Ministers.
For a developing country like PNG, our development path ought to be based on our prudent cultures and value systems that adopt our lifestyles and escape foreign influences. We cannot accept everything at face value. We need to concretize and systematically collate ideas and views and firmly hold them and create a pathway for all of us to follow in order to progress and help develop PNG.
One of the weaknesses in this country is the attitude people have in participating in the country’s problem solving meetings. There have been conferences and seminars conducted through partnerships by NGOs, National Government and other stakeholders. We do not care because we put our families and jobs first and leave those hardline discussions to others’ hand. We develop don’t care attitude. It is this level of thinking that weakens our belief on community participation in the national affairs.
I am determined to request everyone to put aside all that you are doing and for a second. think of this nation. This nation belongs to you. Stand by what you belief in and work towards progress and development. You exist not to follow but to participate and live a proactive life in this beautiful country. Be a man or woman of rock of change and determination. The moment is appropriating for you to rise.

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