July 2, 2013

The second Pacific Meteorological Council Meeting begins in Fiji

By Ben Kedoga, Nadi Fiji 

Participants : Image credit: Ben Kedoga
The second Pacific Meteorological Council or PMC began its weeklong meeting today at the Novotel Hotel in Nadi, Fiji.
The meeting, which will run for the next four days, has brought in directors of meteorological service in respective pacific island countries and climate change experts, both from the region and abroad together, to discuss issues associated with meteorology and climate change.
With the theme, ‘Strengthening the resilience and security of Pacifi¬c communities through an integrated approach to minimize weather, climate and water risks’, member countries, including, various partners will participate and discuss on how to better coordinate the scientific and technical programme and activities of the Regional Meteorological Services.
PMC Chairman, Mr Reginald white, says it is his hope to see that the momentum created during the previous meetings can be continued with renewed energy and desire to continue the strengthening of the National Meteorological Services in the Pacific Region.
Mr White says that strengthening the resilience of communities is a crucial and vital step for saving and shaping lives and livelihoods for the Pacific Islands Countries and Territories with the threat of natural disasters.
However, Mr White, acknowledged that it will never a an easy ride, but he was confident that through corporation between member pacific island countries and its various partnership and linkages they can be able to achieve their aspirations as contained in the Pacific Islands Metrological Strategy, 2012-2021.
The Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC) is a specialized subsidiary body of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).
It was established at the Fourteenth Regional Meteorological Services Directors meeting in Majuro, Republic of Marshall Island, in July 2011.
Other meetings that will be held during the 2nd PMC meeting, includes the Third Joint Meeting of Meteorological and National Disaster Management officers and Pacific Meteorological donors and partners round table. The meetings will run from the 1st to the 5th of July.Day one of the weeklong meeting, was taken up by presentation of country reports by representatives of Pacific Island countries.Meantime, representatives from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island were not present at the opening ceremony today.