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Drunk teacher offers police officer oral sex after being arrested for hit and run

A drunk teacher attempted to wiggle herself out of a hit and run arrest by offering a police officer oral sex, according to police reports in Florida.

Palm Beach County Police said that middle school math teacher Mary Maloney allegedly offered oral sex to a police officer after being captured for a hit-and-run.

Maloney, 53, was arrested Sunday after her truck crashed into a pickup truck around 8:35 pm. After crashing her truck she fled from the scene. A witness of the crash tracked down Maloney’s car to a parking spot and called police.

Mary Maloney . Photo source.
The arresting officer said he found an empty wine bottle behind the driver's seat and "immediately smelled the strong odor of alcoholic on Maloney.” The report noted that her eyes were glassy, bloodshot and partially closed.

The officer, who took Maloney to the police station, said that she asked him: "How much do I have to pay for you to let me go? Don’t you understand that I am a school teacher?"

Then, she offered to perform oral sex on him and allow him to fondle her breasts.
Maloney was charged with driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident with damage, resisting arrest without violence, driving with a suspended license and attempting to bribe a public official.

A spokesperson for the school district of Palm Beach County said that the teacher could potentially be suspended or fired, depending on her case.

Maloney was convicted of a DUI in 2009, and was arrested on a battery charge, and later on a charge of violation of parole, in 2010.

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