July 6, 2013

Boat washed ashore in Wewak

 MV Mr Wewak washed ashore. Phone:  NBC
Wewak District Boat MV Mr. Wewak being washed ashore at the Wewak Post Office Beach due to strong winds and rough seas. This boat was bought using Wewak District Funds by former Wewak MP Dr. Moses Manwau during his term in office to service the people of Wewak and Shouten Islands.
It was brought into Wewak to be fixed due to leakages and it taking in water but strong windsforced it onto the shores and they are now trying to bring in a Sepik Coastal crane to lift it off the sea and put it on dry land to be fixed before setting it back into the sea.
A lot of people are still asking about the whereabouts of another boat MV Simbik Dan which was bought by Wewak District funds by current MP Jim Simatab during his first term in office before being ousted by the courts. The boat is said to have taken in water and sunk in one of the beaches of Madang.