Man caught for Molesting a 7year old girl
A man in his late forties who was caught molesting a seven year old girl yesterday   in Lae was severely beaten and handed over to police.
Angry residents of Papua Compound, who were alerted by the girl’s mother, found the man naked as he was trying to rape the little girl.
The police vehicle was surrounded by angry residents who had apprehended the man an hour earlier.
The man is a longtime resident at Papua Compound and a welder who works at a large construction company in Lae.
The girl was on her way to see her mother when the man who was drunk reportedly enticed the girl and brought her to the Lae Port construction site.
It isn’t clear what he did in the thirty minutes before the search began and before they caught him. But when they found him, he was naked with the little girl.
He was chased into the swamp at the edge of the construction site. The girl traumatized and fainted when her mother found her.
This is the latest in the long list of cases of sexual abuse in Papua New Guinea. While the community has responded positively to the incident, many other children continue to suffer silently in their own homes.
Source: EMTV 
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