One Million Kina for Moresby South Police

Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, has allocated one million Kina from his District Support Grant, to improving the living and working conditions of police personnel in his electorate.

This follows his recent visit to the police barracks in his electorate, with Police Minister, Nixon Duban, National Capital District Police Metropolitan Superintendent, Andy Bawa, and the Station Commanders from Moresby South.

They visited Geno Barracks at Kaugere, Sumil Barracks at Sabama, including the Badili Police Station, to look into the working and accommodation conditions.

Mr. Tkatchenko says, many of the officers protect citizens, however, they live in terrible conditions.

He says, they will all work together, to see how best they can improve some of the police barracks in Moresby South:

"To look at their conditions to see how our police officers and their families are living, you know that it is an absolute disgrace. 

"You are out there in the front line protecting our civilians and our citizens and you live in a pig's sty. 

"And how can you feel good in the morning when you get up to go to work when you live in such terrible conditions.

"After taking the Minister for Police around which really open his eyes, I'll be working with him to see how we can assist in working together to fix some of our barracks up in Moresby South, Geno barracks, Sumil barracks and also Badili Police Station. 

"So that's in process".

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