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Never ending sorcery and witch killing in Papua New Guinea

Last month, a 20 year old month of a year old child was burnt alive in the city of Mt Hagen in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. 

The world community condemned this action and demanded the government to step up and curb the rising sorcery killings. 

However, there is a strong believe among the communities  that witchcraft and sorcery do exist especially in the isolated regions of Papua New Guinea. This hinders authorities to deal with sorcery killings and looks like sorcery killings is going to be never ending.  

Now in another event in Wa village outside Mendi town in  the Southern Highlands Province, a woman was accused of practicing witchcraft and the villages striped her naked and tortured her. (see image on the left)

What was alarming was that, the village leaders, including the pastors who claimed to be man of God took part in torturing her.  

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