March 3, 2013

Governor Ipatas wants end to political appointment in public service

Enga Governer Peter Ipatas.Image credit. Post Courier
The Governor of Papua New Guinea’s Enga Province has called for an end to political appointments in the country’s ailing public service.

Peter Ipatas says there is still much room for improvement in PNG’s public sector given the lack of skills and commitment to the job among public servants.

He says more training is necessary and also for public servants themselves to take ownership of projects designed to deliver adequate services.

Following divisions among MPs over the appointment of top bureaucrats, Mr Ipatas says politicians must stay out of the equation.

“I think we as a government in PNG should now actually see that... allow the processes to function and that will allow the public service to do its job. And allow funds to go through the normal channels instead of politicians becoming money carriers and we should take politics away from the public service. I think that’d be a good start.”Peter Ipatas. RNZI

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