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By Graham Tenaen Robinson

It seemed almost certain, an interview with detainees at Manus Processing Centre on Lombrum was imminent, after two days of talk between Henao Lawyers and Immigration Officer in charge of the Processing Centre on Manus, Jeffrey Kaingali.

At 12 noon today outside the facility gates manned by G4S, the Immigration Officer overseeing the Processing Facility in Lombrum passed on Chief Immigration Officer’s directive that Henao Lawyers be denied access from entering the facility.
“Directive ikam lo Chief Immigration Officer Mataio Rabura olsem yu ino inap go insait;” Jeffery Kaingali said.

Henao lawyers through Wesley Bigi objected and started reading read out from the court decision transcript to Immigration Officer, Jeffrey Kaingali ;

“Page 14 of the court decision dated 13, 14 February 2013 under the ORDER

(2) The relief sought in the nature of an order allowing the plaintiff’s lawyers access to Manus Regional Processing Centre by paragraph 2 of the plaintiff’s amended notice of motion filed on 8 February 2013 is, in principle, granted in that it is ordered under Sections 57(1) and (3) of the Constitution that the Administrator of the Centre or whoever is lawfully in charge of the Centre shall forthwith:

(a) administer to all persons described as the asylum seekers accomodated at the centre their rights under Section 42(2) of the Constitution; and

(b) without limiting the generality of the foregoing and for the purposes of facilitating the administration of those rights the Administrator or whoever is lawfully in charge of the Centre, grant reasonable access by the plaintiffs’ lawyers to the Centre so that the asylum seekers may, if they wish, communicate with those lawyers and be provided with legal advice and assistance by them and given instruction to them.

(3) The parties shall bear their own costs.

(4) Time for entry of this order is abridged to the date of settlement by the Registrar which shall take place forthwith.

The Immigration Officer at the Processing Centre in Lombrum replied;

“Sori ol ino givim green light!” the lawyer asked who, and the Immigration Officer responded in cautious tone; CIMO (Chief Immigration Officer).

Lawyer Wesley Bigi argued why Henao Lawyers were led to believe by Immigration Officer Jeffrey Kaingali about the interview the day before, yet today denied a planned interview.

He further argued with the Immigration Officer concerned and expressed disappointment about the Immigration Department not respecting the order of the National Court.

On Sunday, after Henao lawyers arrived on the weekend in Manus, G4S Operational Manager manning the facility at Lombrum confirmed they were expecting Henao Lawyers at the Lombrum facility however, needed authorization from Immigration Officer in charge.

Into the late evening on Sunday, Immigration Officer Jeffrey Kaingali confirmed they were expecting Henao Lawyers arrival at the centre, however had to sought legal advice from Kuman Lawyers.

On Monday saw the arrangement of interpreters who would assist during the interview with detainees.

Ten O’clock on Tuesday was confirmed to be the date of the interview.

Kuman Lawyers have denied any knowledge of Mataio Rabura’s decision. 

Today when the PM was asked during press conference, replied;

“I have no knowledge about the incident; however during NEC on Thursday, I will be briefed by Attorney General on matters regarding Manus.”

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