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PNG Government approves decision to deploy army to PNG - Indonesia border

PNG defense taking part in military excercise: Image (Flickr images) 

The National Executive Council has approved for the deployment of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force personnel to the PNG/Indonesia border.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said Cabinet endorsed the deployment following the current national security situation along the southern PNG/Indonesia border involving Indonesian citizens and Indonesian military directly threatening PNG’s national security and territorial integrity.

Mr O’Neill said the current situation required immediate national government intervention to address it and for appropriate strategies to be adopted to ease the tension at the border.

“NEC has directed the Department of Treasury to immediately release K5.1 million to fund the deployment of the PNGDF soldiers and an inter-agency assessment team.

“Cabinet has also directed the inter-agency assessment team to formulate appropriate medium and long term intervention strategies and programs for the concerned border area as well as other affected areas for necessary government interventions to arrest the current situation,” he said.

The Prime Minister said NEC directed the Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade to issue a Protest Note to the Indonesian Government expressing our serious concern on the construction of the military post, the military jetty and the construction of a light house/offshore surveillance facility at the mouth of the Torassi River in the Western Province.

“The Foreign Affairs & Trade Minister has been directed to inform the Indonesian Government about the continuous harassment of our people by the Indonesian military and all other illegal activities as reported by the National Security Advisory Committee investigation team,” he said.

Mr O’Neill said the minister will initiate appropriate actions, through normal diplomatic channels, to work closely with the Indonesian Government to address the border concerns, which are of mutual interest, so as to maintain the current cordial bilateral relations with the Republic of Indonesia.

Approved for release!


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