By John L Pora Schmidt

A Whole new flood of students finished school and not all will make it into the JOB of their dreams, I have overtime met and interviewed many certificate holders in Pom, Kimbe, Lae, Mt Hagen who were willing to just get any job for as low as K 1.80 per hour. These are the realities on our streets.

Do not look down on the informal sector as an opportunity to put your familiy members to work, informal sector business is about also serving people and yes they may not be highly qualified or sophisticated but in the end people are people born the same way and die the same way and we would do well to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Unemployment has made people miserable and helpless. Every professional is on a look out for a better package or stress free job profile. However they say that a person cannot expect everything to be perfect, only if wishes were horses. There are flaws in each and everything you want and need. Every employee has some complaints regarding their workplace. Some are unhappy with their job profile, some want a higher pay package and few crave for satisfaction. All these reasons clutter the mind and attention is deviated. Due to the economic meltdown it is impossible and impractical to quit a job that pays your monthly bills. Nobody dreams to be unemployed.

There are few alternatives that provide an individual the opportunity to flourish and hone his or her skills. A working individual seeks remuneration for his service because he wants to live a comfortable and lavish life. After settling the utility bills, a percentage of his salary is deposited in the bank and rest is to make his leisure time more enjoyable. However the stock market crashes and the economic meltdowns have forced an individual to splurge his entire monthly salary on adopting survival techniques. There is a choice he has to make every day, either pay for the chores or become homeless.

Here's my advise, learn to build assets, work in systems that generate additional income streams even if it may not be what you think is "Your Cup of Tea"... Be in love with where you are going more than what you are doing, if you can't find that dream job, make your job the work of making YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! Your mind can limit you or fuel and build you, limit this and you destroy time day by day. Be open minded in 2013, your mind works best when it's open just as a parachute works best when it is open. If an Asian can come into PNG with no qualifications but work hard from 5am to 10pm 7 days a week to build a life for his family and succeed in Papua New Guinea then we ourselves can learn from their success, character and work ethics, my goodness even the other day I observed as young kids made fun of them in a store, calling them names, making fun of their speech and then put money in their cash tills to by a Coke and chips..... We can;t be economically blind like this, it just shows how pathetic we are in economic understanding. Let's work hard to make life better.


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