Namah is lying to defame me: O'neill

A disappointed Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has announced to engage lawyers to initiate defamation proceedings against the opposition leader Mr Namah.
The more follows opposition allegations about the Prime Minister and members of his cabinet over the last two weeks when parliament was in session.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is disappointed that the opposition is misleading uninformed Papua New Guineans with false information.
He raised this concern during a media conference on Tuesday.
He was more concerned with recent opposition outburst on issues like the passing of the bill to extend the Grace Period from 18 months to 30 months amongst others.
On the subject of the six billion kina loan from the Export Import Bank of China, Prime Minister denied receiving any money from this institution as yet except that they were trying to find a facility from which the government can borrow from when need be.
He also explained to the media the process involved in awarding government contracts through the Central Supply and Tenders Board. 
This was to put to rest claims raised by the opposition that Prime Minister added another twenty five million kina for the maintenance of the Pineapple Building.
The initial contract was tendered at K52 million; however, O’Neill said a further K20 million was allocated and will be tendered for fit-outs and furniture for the building.
He called on Opposition Leader Belden Namah and its members to respect the rights of everyone and not to spread lies with the intention to defame.
 EMTV News
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