February 24, 2013


Sam Basil: Image credit: PNGBlogs

By Graham Tenaen Robinson

Deputy Opposition Leader this afternoon during press conference welcomed the Public Prosecutor in referring an MP from the Opposition for failing to submit annual returns during is tenure as a Department Secretary.

However, before taking to task Ombudsman in the country to be equalled at task in investing members of parliament on both sides of the floor, the deputy opposition leader took a shot at the PM summoning Peter O’Neill to be very careful when differentiating between different events with reference to National Security issues. 

“I ask the Prime Minister to be very careful when he is differentiating between different events of security threats. Security threats to us is; entertaining fugitives like Djoko Tjandra, ignoring the Indonesian border incursion and allowing the controversial flight to leave Papua New Guinea without investigation. Those are security threats to us in Papua New Guinea. The Prime Minister has said that the opposition Leader is a security threat to this nation, referring to the corporate giants.”

He cautioned Papua New Guineans to be wary about the Prime Minister who was listening too much to corporate giants and putting our citizens at risk. 

"I think the Prime Minster has got it all wrong. We are standing for the little people, the opposition leader and the opposition; we stand for the little people and we believe in what we say. "

Deputy Opposition Leader urged the Government to come clean with its actions or face constant 'hard hitting' scrutiny from the Opposition bench. 

Yet one thing was clear during his remarks that the Opposition had nothing to hide about the Opposition's alternate policies, but before it did so, the government had to stop its corrupt practices.

“I believe that the Opposition should start addressing or coming up with its policies as soon as the government stop its corrupt practises. The O’Neill Government is going to have a hard time now with corruption, and I believe that every single corruption issue will be hit hard by the Opposition and we will continue to do so. “

He then acknowledged the Public Prosecutor for referring an MP from the Opposition for failing to produce annual returns whilst serving as a Department Secretary, a few years back before taking up public office.

“Whilst saying that I would like acknowledge the Public Prosecutor for referring a member from the Opposition to Leadership Tribunal.”

Hon Sam Basil was adamant and sincere about and accountability and transparency in parliament and urged investigative institutions in doing their job at equal task then referred to question time during parliament sitting almost a fortnight ago when he asked for a Commission of Inquiry into the sale of Illimo Farm 15 years ago by a current serving Minister in Parliament. 

“On the floor of Parliament we raised an issue regarding Commission of Inquiry into a cabinet Minister. We have named him and it is made public already. And under the Commission of Inquiry, should it be recommended that a Minister or MP or that particular person holds a public office in the future, you should be referred to the ombudsman commission and the police automatically.”

Deputy Opposition Leader was not ready to throw in the towel on the subject as he continued;

“We would like to ask those institutions to play their role and play their part to be equal by referring that particular Minister who will be making decision.
During those days he made a decision of K2.5 million. This particular Minister will make a decision of K170 million in the coming months. Now if he is not cleared or taken to task how do we know he will spend the money properly."

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