Y-20 to become turning point of transformation of China's Peoples Liberation Army air force


Y-20 will become an important turning point of the PLA air force transformation. (Photo/Xinhua)

China’s independently developed large transport aircraft Y-20 had made its first flight successfully. Experts said the breakthrough in large military transport aircraft technology will vigorously promote the development of large aircraft industry in China.

Online data show the Y-20 is 47 meters long, 15 meters high and has a wingspan of 45meters. Its maximum load capacity is 66 tons and maximum takeoff weight of 220 tons. 

The successful take-off of Y-20, China's first strategic heavy transport aircraft developed by the China Aviation Industry Corporation, makes China has joined the ranks of a few countries which can produce large aircraft.

Military expert Du Wenlong said the high technology and long development cycle have become barriers for made many countries to develop large military transport aircraft. Acountry able to develop excellent fighters may not make qualified large transport aircraft.

Y-20 will become an important turning point of the PLA air force transformation. An airforce with large military transport aircraft may not be a strategic air force; but without it,the air force is definitely not a strategic air force. For a strategic air force, its combat airspace must achieve a strategic range. In terms of the integrated combat radius, the ability of supporting aircraft will be an important factor that determines if an air force is strategic or not, said the chief editor of "World Military Affairs".

China Daily

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