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World's biggest TV unveiled

  • World's largest TV unveiled  (Source: C SEED Entertainment)
    World's largest television - Source: C SEED Entertainment
The world's largest television screen has just been unveiled and at a staggering 201 inches is too big for any lounge.
Austrian firm C SEED Entertainment Systems has released the TV at a cost of (NZ) $787,000, the Daily Mail reported.
The 5m wide screen is so large that it will not fit inside but Porsche, who designed the TV, is touting it as the perfect addition to a private yacht.
The unit is made up of more than 725,000 LEDs, with those LEDs displaying 4.4 trillion colours.
It has features a biometric fingerprint sensors built-in to prevent people from using the TV without the owner's permission.
When the TV is switched off it can be folded up, using seven folding panels, and hidden away.
The television was the winner of the prestigious red dot design awards. One News

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