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What a shame for Port Moresby Police

PNG Police on street vendors: Photo: Mike Bowers
I am writing this after 5 days of waiting in vain...PORT MORESBY POLICE...SHAME!
Policemen fully armed with guns forced the crowd to lie on the ground, only to realise them searching the pockets of the ordinary street folks. Lost my wallet containing my ID’s, driving licenses, Nasfund ID, Air Niugini frequent flyer ID (destination ID), other access permit cards and valuables that a wallet contain. I publicly declare Port Moresby Policemen to be the same as Common Criminals. I live in Gerehu Stage 6 , Toliman Circuit, Port Moresby. 
I call on those policemen who stopped their vehicle at a distance and walked to my gate, forced me and my friends to lie down, punching me not to look up and quickly put your hand sinto our pocket in a very quick rush grabbed everything in the pocket and drove off without any notice.
I call on you all SHAME SHAME SHAME to the POLICE FORCE!
I believe this is what you have been trained for the six months at Bomana....robbing innocent and unsuspecting civilians, terrorising youths, mothers selling household produce along roadsides to name a few.
Why not charge a person if he is wrong? What was my crime?
I challenge those policemen who were there at Gerehu Stage 6 on the night of 17th January, please return my cards and wallet, its useless to you.
Otherwise, its a big SHAME you have brought to the PNG POLICE FORCE!

By Daniel Masano

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