January 31, 2013

Sr. Roe's Life Experience in Papua New Guinea


Sister Rose: Image by The Delphos
DELPHOS — St. John’s students were transported to the “Land of the Unexpected” as Sister Rose Bernard told of her mission work in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday.

Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous islands. Sister Rose served the people of PNG since 1964, starting as a grade-school teacher.

“I arrived in Papua New Guinea on Sept. 1 in 1964 and was teaching on Sept. 2,” she said. “The first thing I noticed was girls were terminated from school in the sixth grade. So, we built a new school for girls to teach them village life with classes on agriculture and animal husbandry, for example.”

Sister Rose then worked in the prison ministry as a probation officer for eight years, helping inmates get early release and work privileges.

“One day I was traveling and I was held up on the road and my car was stolen and I was almost kidnapped,” she said “I think that was God telling me to do something else. That’s when I started working with the HIV/AIDS patients.”

The population of PNG is approximately 7,013,800. With nearly 1 percent of the adult population testing positive for HIV or suffering with AIDS, her work was cut out for her

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