January 22, 2013

Police should not be providing security escorts to MPs

  • Last Saturday my son got into an accident whilts driving past Armani Club,a 10 seater bumped the vehicle out of nowhere n in the process crossing the road from the other side.The irony of this is that it has been established that a policeman was driving this privately hired vehicle which I am reliably informed was hired by a Vice Minister.The vehicle Rego Number is BCY 947 n the driver just drove off but bystanders noted the rego number plate..My son reported the incident at 4mile traffic the same night.I hope traffic police are not covering up for their comrades as nothing has happened since now when it is only a simple task of getting information from MVIL n getting to the bottom of this matter.My contact who is a senior police reservist confirmed policemen were involved providing private security to a politician.The point here is only the PM,DPM,Speaker,Governor General,Opposition Leader,Chief Justice,etc are entitled to police protection.MP's,Minister's,Vice Minister's can only ask for police escort should it be warranted during the course of their duties.Getting private vehicles n getting police bodyguards is a NO NO n must be stamped out n if policemen are operating without permission from their bosses than they should be dismissed n let them work for politicians.I am bloody disgusted n have informed RPNGC Top Brass accordingly.If this can happen to my family just imagine the same to others who will be too afraid to speak out

Author: verified_user