January 17, 2013

PNG Police Drinking While On Duty


Talking about police officials, whilst driving up the kassam pass last week wednesday evening, i notice three police viehicle fron goroka and kainantu parked at the lukaut section, obviously having few beers. I knew somethings gonna happen so, i decided to dive slow to see what would be the aftermath of their drinking. Three drove up behind me but never realised that it was my viechle. However, racklessly overtake me at the corner and speeded up to the kassam top. They started harressing bystanders, market mothers all the way to agamore market at yonki. Belt up the vegetable market mothers, go their money, broke into roadside stores got the store takings and flex cards, broke into poultry, got chickens, stole coffee bags and they stormed into a house where an old mum and dad where boiling tea and dinner, kicked the teaports, fired shots in the house scaring the kids, babies, old man and women..belted up the youths and were gone totally insane destroying the innocent peoples property..everyone was so scared and fled their lives into coffee gardens. Kids running crying and babies were traumatised by about 67 gun shots as if they went to a war zone.. I heard all those gun shots from the distance, turned my car speeded accros to yonki police station, asked the commander,,who bloody gave the orders to shoot and destroy the peace of the people and wanted to go to the scene myself but commnader stopped me saying its protocol and we will protect you and you will not go to the scene.. Upon hearing that i was questioning the commander, the policemen who were doing damages called out to each other saying.....member ya, member ya...pull out, abort......immediately they a abort, got into the viehlicles and drove down to kassam pass again to avoid me coz i was at yonki police station..

I demanded the commander for a full scale report on this and wnat the name of all these police men involved. I called the ehp police commander in goroka to investigate immediately into these police brutality..the kids who ran away slept two nights out in the bushes, and people in fear now when ever they see policmen. They did not cause any trouble or broke any laws but for no good reasons, police got the brutality..myself with the PPC went down to inspect the damage and witness pellet shells and damage done..right now investigation is going on and the PPC assured me that those policemen the department will deal with them coz its a robery crime of going into peoples houses without search warrents to beat em up..these matter will be up to the police minister and the commssioner..the settlers are also filing a law suit agaigst these rogue police...we need to fixed these state terrosism acts..thses were both goroka and kainantu policemen in two ten seaters..now ya, bikpla regret stret ol raun na wok stap lon harim investigation team bai tok wanem

Author: verified_user