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Papua New Guinea now a haven for Interpol fugitives

Boeing 737 at Port Moresby's Internationa Airport: Photo Credit: PNG Blog
A 737 Boeing chartered flight from International JetClub Limited known to provide private chartered service worldwide landed at 8:30 pm last night at Jacksons Airport after Immigration was already closed.

The unexpected landing caused a stir when the two pilots and cabin crew acted very suspicious according to sources at customs check counters who alerted police currently working around the clock to determine the status of the incident.

Two pilots including five-crew during routine check at customs provided valuable information about a high delegation meeting to be held today inside the cabin of the Boeing 737 aircraft. The meeting is supposedly to be headed by two men wanted by the transnational crime in Vanuatu and two Senior PNG Government Ministers, whose names are now known to police.

The two fugitives named; Saken, Charles Henry and Saken, Pascal Anh Quan (Vanuatu Naturalized citizen of Asian Origin) who arrived yesterday under false pretence identified themselves as a Barrister and a comedian when presenting Diplomatic UN Passports.

The pilots and cabin crew were ordered to leave the airport after requesting with customs officials that a number of the crew sleep on board the aircraft that raised further suspicion amongst immigration officers.
An hour after the cabin crew and pilots left, they returned with bags and claimed wanting to clean the aircraft cabin that has now convinced both police personnel including military intelligence that bags of cash is believed to be still on board the aircraft.

Both fugitives are wanted in Vanuatu for a drug trafficking confirmed by The Vanuatu Daily News Digest, January 17, 2013 when their yacht; Phocea visited illicit drug production centres known as the Golden Triangle including South America.

CAA including appropriate authorities confirmed a shutdown of the aircraft until investigations confirmed the legitimate arrival of the 737 aircraft that is now grounded by CAA at bay 3, Jacksons Airport.


Naima Agro Industries Limited, the rice company that will grow rice at Bereina Central Province is owned by International fugitive Djoko Tjandra. Tjandra is the owner of Mulia Group, an Indonesian Multi-National Company that owns Naima Industries. Papua New Guineans were misled by our Government to believe that a PNG Citizen Eleana Tjandranegara was the sole owner of Naima Agro Industries.

Naima will recieve a tax holiday from the Government of PNG to get the Bereina rice project underway. What has until now been the only cause of uproar has been a proposed import tariff on all rice in PNG, virtually driving the rest of the rice industry in PNG into the ground as all rice in the country right now is imported. The import tariff will virtually tilt the rice market to Naima's advantage and has the potential to drive Trukai, EzyCook, Homestate and Goodman Fielder's Flame rice brands out of production. The set-up will see Naima dominate the rice market.

Naima is owned by the Mulia Group and not Eleana Tjandranegara - Refer to our blog post on this finding.

Mulia Group is owned by Djoko S. Tjandra, wanted by Indonesia and Interpol (The International Police) for tax fraud which cost the state Rp 500 million in financial losses. Refer to to the Jakarta Post article reposted on this blog on the matter.

Below is an excerpt from a 2009 Jakarta Post article:

"Joko Soegiarto Tjandra, a fugitive in the Bank Bali corruption case, is suspected to have flown to Singapore from Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, an official at the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) said Wednesday. "According to our information, Joko Tjandra is already in Singapore. However, the AGO is coordinating with the Foreign Ministry to trace Djoko's whereabouts," deputy attorney general for special crimes Marwan Effendy told Antara state news agency. The AGO has sent a third and final warrant for Joko to surrender himself by Friday afternoon at the very latest. However, Djoko’s lawyer O.C. Kaligis told Antara that he could not guarantee his client would show up at the AGO on Friday.

Joko Tjandra left the country using a chartered flight from Halim Perdanakusumah Airport in Jakarta to Port Moresby on June 10, just one day before the Supreme Court issued a verdict, upon the AGO's request of review, sentencing Joko and former Bank Indonesia governor Syahril Sabirin to two years' imprisonment and ordering Joko to pay Rp 546 billion (about US$54 million) as restitution to the state. Unlike Joko, Syahril Sabirin has surrendered himself to the Attorney General’s Office." Read repost of article here.

Source: PNGBlogs

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