Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion is in Vanuatu attending the Silver Jubilee Anniversary celebrations of the Melanesian Spearhead Group of which PNG is a Member too.

This is despite a moratorium that was imposed by the National Executive Council on overseas travel by Ministers, Department Heads and heads of statutory organisations early this month, as a cost saving measure for the Government.

However, it is obvious Prime Minister O'Neil had delegated his deputy to attend on his behalf, and Mr. Dion is understood to have flown out of Port Moresby on the Kumul on Saturday, destined for Vanuatu loaded with goods to be presented as part of the celebrations in Vanuatu.

The Silver Jubilee Anniversary celebrations in Vanuatu will see the launching ceremony, marking the beginning of celebrations throughout the five Melanesian member countries.

PNG's Melanesia week will be held in February, but no details are known at this stage how the country will celebrate its Melanesia Week Next month.

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion will return to Port Moresby by the end of the week. NBC
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