January 17, 2013

Central Province of Papua New Guinea


About Central
Central Province occupies the southern side of the Owen Stanley Ranges and the area of coast from Bereina in the north to Gaire Village in the south.
It shares a border with National Capital District in the south, Milne Bay Province in the east, Oro Province in the north-east, Morobe Province in the north and Gulf Province in the west.

People living near Bereina can earn a high income from the sale of food and betel nut, while those in reasonable proximity to Port Moresby can earn moderate incomes selling food and
other goods at markets. People in the more remote areas of  Goilala and Abau have low potential environments and earn low incomes. Many people commute to earn non-agricultural wage incomes in and around Port Moresby.A road runs along the length of the province, and areas around
Port Moresby are also well served by roads. Another road leads up to the Sogeri Plateau and the start of the Kokoda Track. However, Goilala district and the east of Abau district
have very few roads.

Provincial headquarters: Port Moresby
Number of districts:

Number of LLGs: 13
Number of wards: 205

Area and population density
Area (km²) 7124
Occupied area (km²) 1201
Population per km² 5.4
Population per km² of occupied area 32.0


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