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Call for PNG Prime Minister to sack MPs implicated


The Opposition Leader, Hon. Belden Norman Namah made it clear, when the plane landed at 8:30pm that night, he was already aware of it.
Prior to the 17th of January 2013, he had already been alerted through Vanuatu Post Publication of the involvement of the two persons of Vietnamese origin holding on to Vanuatu Diplomatic Passports, he was also made aware of the involvement by the Vanuatu Foreign Minister.
On the afternoon of Thursday at about 2pm, he went to the International VIP Arrival and Departure Lounge to see one of his friends off to Singapore, he realised that the Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Rimbink Pato and Minister for State Owned Enterprises Hon. Ben Micah were in the company of the Foreign Minister for Vanuatu, Mr Karlot. He knew something ‘fishy’ was happening at the very highest level in our country similar to the incident involving Djoko Tjandra.
He said; Papua New Guinea is continuously being used as a launching pad by fugitives who are seeking freedom, who are seeking to do their illegal activities on our soil. That night he couldn’t sleep only to be alerted by the Customs Officials and some personnel from the National and International Crime unit that there was a plane landing at 8:30pm.
At that time the entire airport had shut down. No immigrations officers were there, no foreign affairs officers were there. But he believes that there were some officers involved with very senior Ministers of the O’neill – Dion Government who were at the airport to receive the aircraft.
He has very suspicions that some very illicit materials were carried on the aircraft, be it drugs, or large amount of cash only deeper investigations will reveal what was on that aircraft.
He explained; “How could a big aircraft be flown by one single pilot from Marli to Maldives and all the way to Papua New Guinea. Such a large aircraft is flown by two pilots.”
He continues; “When the Customs officials including local police found out they rushed to the airport. By that time the plane was already parked at the far right hand side of the international airport. Before the flight, three persons of British origin arrived in Papua New Guinea. One came in as a Barrister the other one as a Comedian. That evening they were dressed in suits and had earpieces in their ears like top security personnel to receive the plane and the people on board.”
This is a serious crime, which is both international and transnational. The two Vietnamese – Origin personal carrying Vanuatu diplomatic passports are linked to many illegal activities around the world. Through my intelligence, they have been to hotspots of the world where there are battle zones; they have gone in and come out of those countries. My conclusion is that they were there to smuggle firearms and to smuggle drugs, however my highest of conclusions would be ‘money laundry.
The Vanuatu Foreign Minister arrived with the Foreign Minister for Papua New Guinea, Hon. Rimbink Pato and the minister for State Owned Enterprises, Hon. Ben Micah from Brisbane. It is very obvious and clear that there is collaboration at the highest level. We have facilitated a citizenship to a fugitive of Indonesia, Djoko Djandra. Djoko Djandra was issued citizenship not under his name but Joe Chan.
The Opposition Leader has numerously questioned the Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’neill on the floor. And this question has also been raised by many parliamentarians and citizens. To date there is no answers to our questions. My conclusion would be that the prime minister is involved in all in granting of Tjoko Tjandra’s citizenship.
If the prime minister was not involved, he would immediately revoke the citizenship. In this particular situation, when I confirmed the arrival of the flight on the 17th January, I called the Prime Minister at 8:30 in the morning as a responsible leader and as the alternate PM of the country. I asked the prime minister if he was aware of an illegal flight in to Papua New Guinea organised by senior ministers of his cabinet. From what I hear there have been interventions by various ministers on the investigations, by the customs, police and various intelligence organisations. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people are freed and also if the plane is released.
If I was the Prime Minister of this nation, I would ground the plane and make it as an asset of Papua New Guinea because it is illegally in the country. Detain the people on board and immediately sack the Ministers involved, and charge them on criminal offence for committing a transnational crime.
Flight service claim they have given clearance for this flight. I have access to the document produced to justify the claim. Basically, they say the flight was given clearance on the 16th of January. But on the document and telex the actual document was circulated on the 19th of January. If there had really been clearance, the Civil Aviation Authority, Immigration Officials and Foreign Affairs would have been at the airport to receive aircraft.
It appears the clearance documents are being prepared now to protect the Ministers involved with the Foreign Minister for Vanuatu and the fugitives. He labelled them as criminals and terrorists entering Papua New Guinea. If the Prime Minister does not act on this, I call on the citizens to arrest the people on that flight through a citizens’ arrest. Enough is enough, the Prime Minister and Ministers are not security sensitive on our national security. If we could continue at this trend we will become another ‘banana republic’.
The Prime Minister has not come out public and I hear from people that there has been drinking and wining with certain ministers and with people at the top hierarchy of this country by this crew who arrived on the flight.
He appealed to the law enforcing agencies not to be intimidated by the executive government by Ministers. I urge them to make their country proud by doing their work without fear or favour, if it means arresting senior ministers.
I call on the prime minister to immediately sack the foreign affairs minister and the state owned enterprise minister.

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