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PNG Opposition takes government to court

Staff Reporter 12/06/2015 | |
The Papua New Guinea Opposition leader Don Polye and his team have filed a Supreme Court Application requesting the court to declare 5 of its orders of which they have seen the government actions becoming undemocratic and proper parliamentary process not being followed through.

Leader of the Opposition Don Polye this afternoon, accompanied by his lawyer Mr Lohani Henao explained to the press that the Vote of No Confidence which the opposition filed against the Prime Minister on the 3rd of November was wrongly rejected by the Parliamentary Committee and that Section 145 of the Constitution was not clearly followed.

"The Parliamentary Committee had no sufficient grounds when it made its decision to reject the motion of the vote of no confidence which we the opposition filed. It met all expectations but yet they had to reject it, and we have sought legal advise and now we will pursue to have the motion of Vote of No Confidence against the PM be seen through when parliament resume next year in March," said Mr Polye.

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