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Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu on imported Used cars

Staff Reporter 5/13/2014 |
Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu, says rules must be made, to monitor the quality of used cars on the roads.
While debating the Road Traffic Bill, which Parliament passed last week, Sir Puka says roads around the country are crowded by imported used cars, however, their quality is something that must be monitored.
Mr. Temu told Parliament, the condition of these vehicles must be a concern, because the number of deaths caused by road accidents is growing.
He also says the motor traffic rule of wearing seat belts must be enforced.
Sir Puka is also concerned on how over-crowding on big PMV trucks can be monitored and policed, because passengers on these vehicles do not have seat belts to protect them.
He also told the debate, that road safety authorities must start using breathalysers to monitor motorists who drink and drive.

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