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PNG's Opposition Leader Belden Namah gives O'neill middle name

Staff Reporter 2/07/2013 | |

Opposition Leader Belden Namah took a swipe at Prime Minister Peter O'Neil yesterday, saying he is not a fit and proper person to lead the country.

Mr Namah even suggesting a new middle name for him, which bordered on Mr. O'Neil's shortcoming in swiftly responding to issues of late, which have brought the spotlight on the country's national security.

Mr Namah who's been Mr O'Neil's deputy during the change of government and rise of the O'Neil government in 2011 says the Prime Minister cannot be trusted anymore for his words.

"You cannot trust him, I don't trust the guy.

"His middle name should be Peter 'Look Into It' O'Neill.

"You look at all the investigations.

"He said I will look into it, I will investigate.

"What has happen today?


"So you see this guy can not be trusted.

"He is not the fit and proper person for this country," Namah said.

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